Paradox ad free|安卓|卡卡推薦

Paradox ad free,支持好遊戲,拒絕外掛、破解、惡意退費!,卡卡遊戲收集最多的安卓Android好康資訊,還等什麼呢!立刻來下載吧!

Paradox ad free|安卓|卡卡推薦
You are trying beat a bunch of aliens that are trying to take over the earth
In this game the earth has been taken over by aliens there are only 100 humans left and you are earths last hope. You are trying to kill the aliens so that they will leave or they are gone. it won't be easy but it is possible. they stole all of our old rockets and they are trying to use them against you as you are fighting them.

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