Stop Santa TD – Tower Defense|安卓|卡卡推薦

Stop Santa TD – Tower Defense,支持好遊戲,拒絕外掛、破解、惡意退費!,卡卡遊戲收集最多的安卓Android好康資訊,還等什麼呢!立刻來下載吧!

Stop Santa TD – Tower Defense|安卓|卡卡推薦
Take the War on Christmas all the way to the North Pole in Tower Defense style!
Developer Notes:

Stop Santa was created as part of personal experiment in making small, fun games in a short amount of time. Since this is my first published game as a solo indie, feedback will help to steer the direction and improvements over time. Please contact me via Twitter or forums if you want a specific feature implemented or simply to say hello. Thank you for the support!


This is a classic tower defense game with a holiday theme twist. It's a fun way to spend the holidays while visiting family. Have you had enough of strip mall Santas and their helper elves taking over our shopping malls? Join the ranks in the War on Christmas to Stop Santa!

Game Features:

9 levels with increasing complexity and difficulty
Each level conquered will reward you with 1 to 5 stars based on your performance.
3 unique towers to choose from, each with 2 additional upgrades.
9 animated enemies ravaging their way through the North Pole.
9 Steam achievements to be collected.
The only chance you have to finally Stop Santa!

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