Treasure Raiders: Zombie Crisis|安卓|卡卡推薦

Treasure Raiders: Zombie Crisis,支持好遊戲,拒絕外掛、破解、惡意退費!,卡卡遊戲收集最多的安卓Android好康資訊,還等什麼呢!立刻來下載吧!

Treasure Raiders: Zombie Crisis|安卓|卡卡推薦
Find your own treasures on the path through the world of treasure raiders!
Treasure Raiders is a major third-person shooter of 2017, combining its shooter core with MMORPG, platformer, and bullet hell elements to bring a completely fresh gaming experience. The game uses its humorous anime style to combine shooter, action, and puzzle elements to create new styles of gameplay. Mysterious ancient tombs, eerie old castles, laboratories filled with traps… You never know where you will find treasure in your adventure! Join us and start your adventure!

【Game Features】
Epic Adventure TPS mobile game is available! Join us and enjoy the exciting adventure!
★ Funny characters and hilarious storyline.
Unique character personalities, unique characters, and monsters. Funny storyline style will keep you laughing.

★ Variety of levels and interesting stages.
Follow the storyline deep into treasures, getaway chases, tricky traps, boss battles, and dungeons await your challenge!

★ Tons of Weapons and Equipment at Your Disposal.
Collect tons of different weapons and try different combinations. Upgrade your weapons to make them more powerful, and collect super rare epic and legendary weapons.

★ Dividing the work is clear-cut, collaborate in battle.
How could any journey for treasure be completed without some reliable companions? Synergize your damage dealers, healers, and control heroes to take down even the strongest of bosses.

★ Make friends with guns, cross swords. "
Experienced hunters! Show your skills and shine in PvP battles! Gather your friends to form a strong team, climb the rankings, and receive unlimited glory!

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